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Simon Pollard, BSc(VetSc)Hons, BVM&S, CertES(Orth), MRCVS

Advanced Practitioner in Equine Surgery - Orthopaedics

Simon graduated from the Veterinary School of the University of Edinburgh in 1989 and has been working with horses ever since. Shortly after graduation he worked in the Equine Department of Kansas State University and between 1995 and 1998 in the Orthopaedic Department of the Royal Veterinary College in the University of London. It was at the RVC that Simon gained much experience in the field of lameness investigation and diagnosis resulting in the Certificate in Equine Surgery (Orthopaedics) - this has been recognised by the awarded status of Advanced Practitioner in Equine Surgery - Orthopaedics.

Although Simon has a pretty good eye for lameness, he has always recognised the need for objective assessment of gait allowing true assessment of the effects of diagnostic nerve blocks and treatment.

Once a gait assessment is performed a plan will be formulated - hopefully the plan will be to carry on if no abnormalities are found! If subtle lameness or asymmetry are found, it may be that farriery and physiotherapy are all that is required. If investigation is necessary, Simon can either perform this for you or liaise with your own equine veterinary surgeon.